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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 22, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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maria: welcome back. market that this morning. that will do it for "the opening bell with maria bartiromo." will be back tomorrow. charles is in force to her today. have a great show. >> we will take it from here. here's your big story. nightmare on high seas. dirty folkways planning a cruise ship and thousands of passengers on board. don't call it a comeback. mcdonald's stock is soaring because the turnaround is coming. a lot of people buying it right now. down 6% even though sales were phenomenal. victim of their own success? perhaps. how about the hillary hypocrisy. she calls for the toppling of the 1%.
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as a u.s. aircraft carrier moves closer we ask what is the biggest threat to the united states into wes? first day, i ran or climate change. you tell us. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ charles: checking the big board. we've got some traction right now. the dow is up 59 points. a lot of girding to tell you about. zero whole lot of it names you understand. let's average of paul klee. disappointing sales growth. hence the sales were up 10% obviously to a certain degree but dems have their own success. mcdonald's, profits got crashed. the traffic down every location. it didn't matter. they finally met wall street expectations. profits come in better than
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expected at coca-cola. fractionally, higher profit phenomenal news. sort of a drive this morning. i wouldn't sell the stock even though it's down 2%. oil modestly higher despite the middle east tensions. 5688 and this goes one big direction or another. overnight again $2.47. here is your daily update. police arrested a 24-year-old algerian man in connection to a plot to bomb churches. authorities say he was caught after accidentally shooting himself. here at home a 16-year-old in south carolina pleading guilty to a gun charge after he was caught plotting to join isis. he faces five years in prison because of the loss in the state. meanwhile, secretary of state writing the climate change spain
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climate change not terror is the major threat to global security. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will be here to talk about that. hey, colonel peters, let's start with that. let's start with the idea that it is climate change. i know you are one of these guys who likes to get in the fresh air and get your hands dirty. you love the beauty of the country. but do we think that climate change, perhaps another one degree warmer in the world over the next 100 years is a bigger threat to us in the world than terrorism right now? >> certainly not as a media threat. charles i get impatient with those type of this. there's got to be a sensible medium ground between living in a cabin in the woods by candlelight mvp. i don't understand why conservatives are for conservation. for sensible, intelligent and rational measures that don't destroy business, but at the
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same time take regional masters to protect the environment that i do love you charles, you are an urban guy. i'm from the country and i won a lot of fresh air and clean water and wild came out there. charles: i happen to like fresh air believe it or not. you also mentioned peabody. take a look at peabody stock energy charter. it has been destroyed and hunts that thousands of jobs have been lost. >> that is not true. peabody did not lose hundreds of thousands. charles: in the industry overall. the fossil fuel energy, particularly coal has been wiped out absolutely decimated. the stocks are down 90% or more. >> charles my family were minors for four generations. it is a proud profession. it is going to be here longer. i grew up in the coal fields of
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pennsylvania. we destroyed the environment so badly that there is still area where nothing will grow. europe is burning underground. i don't want to poke all out of business. we need cool. i want the industry to be honest and i want coal burning power plants to use the current technology that can keep the air a little bit cleaner. again we need some common ground in the center and south the us versus them extreme right, extreme left. the extremist shouldn't dominate the conversation. we should have a sensible middle ground where businesses can operate that the environment isn't damaged. charles, do you want bp making environmental policy? i don't want bp or the sierra club make environmental policy. charles: i am with you on that 100%. to a certain degree the core argument is just about done with respect to the jobs in the businesses lost. there is a narrative that is
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really a false narrative to the general public. we turn our lights on every day and prayed the electricity is there. we pray that the ambulance can get there fast to the hospital even faster. we pray for the things happening if we demonize the things that make them happen and that is where we have a problem in this country. >> yeah i agree. coal built this country. it fired the steel mills. a few of the navy ships. i am proud of my heritage. but it is a heritage. right now when he could look intelligently at alternatives. coal will be there for a while. here is the famous coal. we have clean ways to burn but there is no clean way to get it out of the ground. green on the part of some coal companies not all has been so distracted in west virginia and the southwest that i find it unforgivable. if we conservatives are proud of
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our heritage, let's recognize the national heritage is part of that. it comes down to being sensible. not going to either extreme, but doing sensible, saying things to protect this natural heritage. charles: colonel peters, before i let you go do you have confidence the free market can do this without any intervention from the government? some of these tactics bands gain far more punitive than actually a step in the right direction. >> well you know, totally free capitalism would be to start it. we know that. not all capitalists are responsible. some are some are. i am a capitalist. i am fully invested in the american economy. but at the same time, look i profit from my wife providing checks and balances in my personal life. all industries, all industries profit from intelligent enlightened checks and balances.
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you don't want government today but you don't want bp to get away with what they did in louisiana without paying the price. charles: they paid a huge price. give me one favor next time you get fresh air, bottle summit overnighted to me at the studio. thank you. i appreciate it. all right, guys. hillary clinton in "the new york times" getting a whole lot of attention. ms. clinton said the economy required a toppling of the wealthiest 1% according to several people who were briefed on mrs. clinton's policy discussions but could not discuss private conversations for attribution. mary is here with us. we used the word topple. liz warren meath malcolm x because it sounds like by any means necessary. that is the kind of word that marks this use. when you bum rush the capital you are going to topple those people. >> issue going to topple
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herself? though clinton made $48 billion when hillary clinton was secretary of state. elizabeth warren, also a millionaire. if they want to have a conversation about wages, let's have a conversation about wages. by the way of wage growth in this country? president obama economic policies have given us 2% growth. how do we get wage growth? it has to grow. charles: there is a counter argument. from 1979 until now if you look at the percentage of overall wealth accumulated by 1% that is where you are missing. >> that is garbage. the point of growing the economy is to lift all boats. as margaret thatcher said the problem with socialism is eventually run out of other people's money. what have we done to business in the country? higher taxes, higher health care
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costs. smother them with regulation. of course the companies aren't investing. worse they are raising wages. charles: albright. >> did i get you? charles: i don't think delegate the masses. they will have to be more nuanced why the richest people in this country has so much more money. >> that is class warfare. that is the language of the left. charles: of warfare wins elections. why does anyone take a cruise anymore? lauren has the craziest story about of australia in case you missed it. >> my worst nightmare. we'll show you this carnival cruise ship. added is forced to ride out the storm coming you see 30 folkways been stopped from docking in australia. they tried to do so for more than 24 hours, but the waves were too forceful. stuff on the ship blowing all over the place. >> i stayed on the main deck.
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a lot of it pushed out and smashed all over the place. chairs turned like lollipops. just crazy. charles: we are pleased to tell you the carnival.successfully in sydney harbour. 2500 passengers breathing a sigh of relief. a once in a decade storm doing damage on land, too. they are down fractionally and the company is offering passengers a full refund if they choose to cancel the ships next sailing. you have to imagine a lot of people would be jittery. charles: some people might say that is the vacation for me. >> it happened to them. it can happen to me. charles: let's get colonel ralph peters back your things, lauren. up next, arrested for attempting to join isis in south carolina you might look at five years behind bars. is that too lenient or too harsh. we have to ask them about this
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one. scolding a gang member been called to judge judy at the south. check it out. [inaudible]
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charles: let's check the big board here. meandering up about 60 points up about 40 on the dow. a big jump in the existing bringing it back to the premarket preopening trading. look at the shares of yahoo!. plenty of revenue down again. four straight quarters, investors trying to reconcile whether this is the buyer or not. in 30 seconds, here's seconds, here is what else will watch. kentucky arrested nine people for stealing $26,000 worth of the world's most expensive bourbons. the birthday hypocrisy from bill nye the science guy. ragging on twitter all night
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last night aboard air force one with president obama. coming up, in a few minutes evander holyfield right here on set. he is fighting the romney and he will also tell you how you can get a seat next to him for what they call the fight of the century. a south carolina teenager sentenced to five years of prison for conspiring to rob a gun door and shoot u.s. soldiers and he's giving credit to isis. here is the prosecution. >> it wasn't some fantasy that he was back in and out and there wasn't anything to bear it out. this was a legitimate fear desire and effort to accomplish these things. charles: south carolina does not have laws on the books. five years is the max they can receive. all brides. some people say it is harsh. in harsh. in a way it's not enough. >> there's an explanation. not sure it is a justification.
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the explanation if he was not charged by the federal government. if he was charged by the federal government, they would've charged him as an adult and he would have been posted the full panoply of the prosecution between 10 and 20 years. he is charged by a state that does not have a terror statute and the state that contains to treat juveniles as juveniles. in our home state of new jersey, if the government charges a child with a serious crime, they can ask the court for permission to try the child as an adult. that exposes the child to an adult penalty. if the court says no the child is only exposed to the juvenile penalty. that is what happened here. i don't know if the government asked to charge them as an adult, but he ended up being charged as a child. non-terrorism statute charges a child. no one was actually ever harmed, though he apparently planned and plotted to cause harm. maximum sentence of five years.
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five years at the discretion of the core. they can release him tomorrow because he is a child good when you're a sentence for five years as a child maximum five years but to be released when no longer encourage a bold at the discretion of the consignor the jailer. the theory of punishing children is not to punish them. and this is a bit of a fiction but it is a theory. to keep them out of society and so they are prepared to come back in. that would have been according to the lot in south carolina between zero and five years. charles: that is another interesting thing you brought up. the states never thought terrorism what happened there. that is a big-city problem. >> correct. why the feds did that was very aggressive. by the feds did not pick this up, i don't know.
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the state prosecuting authorities could very well have transferred this over to the feds. either they didn't want to do it for public policy reason for the fed said this as a kid you guys take it. charles: another example that may be recruiting on the isis power. >> this is truly a child. such a child that they won't release the name. charles: at fixed income you kind of know right and wrong. >> 16 in new jersey or new york could easily be tried as an adult. charles: i want to shift gears a little bit. there is a judge leila stratham is turn remarks to a gang member in her courtroom and the video went viral. watch this. [inaudible]
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charles: she has been nicknamed the judge judy of the south. what do you make of that? remind you of the good old days? >> during the break larry asked me if i miss the good old days. there's a lot of different things you can do in the court room. at this juncture it is a no-brainer. so he is innocent until proven guilty. for her to speak to him as if he's guilty of considered unprofessional. on the other hand, he said something that is so outrageous that warrants a response and that was i'm pleading not guilty but i shot this guy because he was in my hood. most judges would be tempted to respond that she did, saying she shot him because he was in your neighborhood. i would say i don't want to hear anything from you.
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you pleaded not guilty. your time to attempt to justify what you did will come before a jury. what she did a something that people need to hear. it is not your neighborhood. everybody has the right to be there. we don't have a society where you can be shot for being in the wrong neighborhood. charles: it should not exist. every monday morning i read the papers out of chicago. someone was wearing the wrong clothes. mary: where's the outrage about that charles? >> there are so many things that happening. where's the outrage? where's the outrage when the government is too strong, two-week come when people own a neighborhood and they can shoot people that don't belong there. there needs to be more outrage than just this judge. charles: not even a speck of property not even the neighborhood today all that they are killing over. >> she brought an issue to the front pages and that's good.
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there is no jury bear to hear her admonished him and to hear him admit to the crime for which he just pleaded not guilty, which is absurd. charles: judge napolitano. more than 6 million chickens in turkey have been put down after a flu outbreak in the midwest. we will hear more about that in just a moment.
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charles: believe it or not mcdonald leading the way for the dow jones industrial average. this after the company developed a new turnaround plan. mary we talk about this all the time. mary: i think the investors are giving donald ceos the benefit of the doubt. they just got away from their core menu. this guy says i'm going to top the underperforming businesses and refocus them. they are also dealing with the attack on their franchise business. it is not just the business you have to be focused on fixing. charles: nlrb will come down against them very shortly instead of franchisee and the franchise parent company are one and the same. mary: and they wonder why the wages are priced.
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charles: this guy has done a lot of great things in a short period of time. we want to get back to the bird flu thing. 100 million chickens and turkeys. jeff flock has been following the story like nobody else. reporter: no, i don't think so charles and i am listening now to a conference call issued by the usda on the topic. mexico the largest importer of chickens from the u.s. i'll live earth and eggs to iowa. iowa is where the preponderance are reported. the three and a half thousand birds depopulated they call it essentially. that is one of your headlines today. the other is a turkey farm in wisconsin has had an outbreak that right now they are doing a pretty good job. this is coming to wild waterfowl.
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ducks and other birds are the source of the spread of this. not from one operation to another. at this point, no human the virus has not jumped too many humans. it is mainly a this point an issue with the birds. going forward come you never know what can happen. the cdc saying this morning that viruses can mutate. we continue to watch it. but there is a headline. charles: up next, tax hypocrisy from msnbc. al sharp james now not the only anchor paying his fair share. we will tell you who will suppose uncle sam after this. ♪
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>> all right guys let's check on that big board we're near session highs the dow at 48 points here you've got to check these shares visa and mastercard surging after opening up markets for bank operations, new lifetime highs for visa and mastercard no i at a six-week high. looks like chipotle down 7
11:33 am
president and biggest losers in the s&p right now. msnbc al sharpton network that regularly condemned rich for not paying their fair share in taxes, but anchors aren't getting the message. now we know about our sharpness tax problems but not the only one. throw other big name anchors have tax problems of their own. national review broke this one, and you have the details for us. >> i do, so i think is the most interesting recent one he owes more than $59,000 in taxes and i was going through his twitter feed just really interesting because he said that tax avoidance was one of the things driving inequality one of the main culprits not paying his own taxings. >> people in america iomediate to go on twitter saying feed us, feed us. >>ing it is not just him, 5000 dollars current tax warns tin
11:34 am
out against her on top of that news broke that perry had 70,000 dollars in irs leans if taken the against her as well. now i don't are have a problem with, you know these anchors making a lot money. good for them but if you're going to punish for tax incentive right and no loophole for the wealthy you have to pay your own taxes. >> that is the whole gist of this whole hypocrisy is mind boggling not even reporting but finger wagging in the face of people who have legitimately been successful done the boots strapping. by the way, i think that worst thing they do is that they tell their viewers, audience that it is not possible in other words, any success you see out there was manipulated to manmade inherited or something wasn't out there someone with a dreaming duck to pull himself up to destroy a dream for everyone else. you're making a lot of money and then to top it off. cherry on top they won't pay their taxes. >> i couldn't agree with you.
11:35 am
msnbc wanted to see if this was hypocrisy and intend to do anything about it. no meant. $5,000 now that one i think -- from someone real quick. like awe -- >> more sympathetic but principle. >> matter of principle. >> can we get a tally as he pays a off how long until he's squared? >> his tax situation is so complex that it is hard to get a handle on. "new york times" reported in november went through that it was 4.5 million dollars. he disputes that some but i was looking at it last week just new york state taxings he and entity owe $788000 that is a huge sum of money. >> it is, and you owe irs money, it keeping going up. countinger goes up you have to pay them with being hit with penalties maybe suspended them. visited the white house 53 times you might get breaks the
11:36 am
rest of us don't. >> this is true. what is interesting with him is he's reached a tax settlement. supposed to help you resolve that debt. see, goal is you make it so you can eliminate that debt. new york times is reporting that his tax debt has grown that is a big red flag. >> you're within of the best investment reporters out there young smart, and you're breaking stories. we appreciate it. down sources tells u.s. says moved a ship off the coast of yemen to monitor iranian shims and to block weapon shipments to proiranian rebels in yemen. but we're getting different store from spokesperson marie huff. listen to this. >> i want to be very clear just, so no one has the wrong impression that they're not there to interpret iranianships to do issues like that, that purpose of moving them is only to ensure that shipping lanes are made open and safe. i think there was some misreporting confusion on this. i wanted to be very clear. >> all right. we wanted to be very clear, so who are we to believe?
11:37 am
fox news contradict tore jo lean turner is us. her down playing this one. but why? >> i think with the case with all of these national security issues, don't follow the rhetoric follow the action. that i think the arrival of these u.s. worships off the coast of yes, ma'am season actually an encouraging indicator. i think it potentially smalls that u.s. military is willing to engage in pushback the houthi insurgency lair, air sea that the latest move on the waterways is just an extense of that. >> i agree 1000 percent. russia on stained from voting a blockade not allowing weapons into the rebels handle. it seemed like the confident, smart thing to do. we bring in a shore of forces not engaged in warfare with them. but something to do with the idea that we're still negotiating this nuclear bill with iran and look like chumps
11:38 am
because they're saying all over the place, responsing terrorism all over the place. here we keep coming putting happy face on these negotiations that we know that white house. thes to come up with a bill by hook or by crook. >> well, there's a lot of public concern publicly and administration about two issues. nuclear negotiations and the military campaign and yemen, bleeding into and unintentionally sort of effecting each other's outcomings. i think that is a very legitimate concern. and also the reality is that there's no way we can handle these thing it is in a vacuum secretary kerry is insisting that the united states can very well handle both, and that they don't necessarily have to, you know, sort of impede only the other. but the realty is they're not mutually exclusive. i think iranians are taking advantage of this pause and negotiations to try to assert more authority across the half way across the world. i think that is something that
11:39 am
the administration needs to be cognizant of. >> they're going to continue to exert their thirty to try to take control of the region. i don't see -- we haven't seen negative respect to the negotiations thus far that in my mind would stop them from advancing that cause. >> you're absolutely right. there's this facing this kind of oddly, unique foreign policy situation. where we, the united states are facing iranians across a negotiating table in one part of the world welcome across the battlefield in the other. and ting that what is happening in yemen reallying underscores just how little trust and good faith the united states can afford to put in the iranian administers hands at this point and time. they want a good deal with us. but at the same time they're running rashad over interest in the middle east. >> everyone is saying it doesn't matter. can we trust these guys answer is always no. but that is just me.
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>> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> hey guys, champ is here. hollyfield live now with a big fight coming up with mitt romney there he is. the warrior has returned. the real deal is next. it's more than the cloud. it's security -
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>> with your fox business authority has back and forth action the dow sup over 60 points. down over 60 points, and second as we speak up 32 points at 17,8982. s&p 500 bidding at 210 it gain five points, nasdaq up five. take a look at visa adding more than 25 dow points that is a great performer up 5%. mcdonald's coca-cola, american express among other leaders mcdonald's came out with their numbers. yes in the mix of aaround plan. coca-cola has numbers as well. on the upside. chipotle on the other hand is to to the downside. below expectations slower sales growth you can see down 6.8%. soaring quarterly revenue jumps 15%. high per ad contract stocks up 13% right now should note.
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♪ ♪ >> all right so who is heavy weight champion evander holyfield going to fight in his next match none other than mitt romney sounds crazy by evander will explain what this whole they think is all a about. welcome to the show. >> well thank you. >> you versus mitt romney why? >> charity business.
11:45 am
something good. >> yeah. >> charity business? okay, something you came up with he came up with or something you saw and you wanted to get involved with? >> something that mitt came up with. head-to-head done it already and so now he wanted to take it to a high level in front of 100,000 people have to bring someone in. >> have to bring in the real deal. >> some of them happy to be part of. >> and you know, you have a lot of people who out there who -- seen you and they connect to you. i grew up, you know, you were one of my favorite fighters of all too many. i hope you're not upset with that rank. >> no i'm good company. >> great company. >> and to that note, you're the guy guy when we see you doing charitable eventers we take it a lot more seriously. mitt romney i think he's an amazing guy. combination of you and him i think will resonate. >> well, we think alike. we believe.
11:46 am
i'm like, you know the fact of the matter i'm in all giving back because someone gave it to he. he's been there, and what he do is give. you understand a great thing for this country. let's talk about a great thing for boxes resurging we have a heavy weight championship fight at madison square garden this saturday. we've one fighting an american coming into the year coming into the year a american would win back the heavy weight title what do you make of it all? >> it is, you know -- like a rocky story. it is, you know, if he's able -- able to go out and put pressure he stands a chance. but you know, you cannot he's a great fighter. so you going to have to surprise him. >> those guys have to hide him and his brother to height and a surgable technique. just -- you have to get inside, threw
11:47 am
that long arming and go to the body maybe tire him out by the end of the fight. that would have been my strategy. >> you can do it because mike tyson did it. he had a shortest arm in all of the boxers he knocked a lot of people out. so you have to say, it can be done. >> the biggs fight not just for the year but many saying you have to go away back to some of your fights against reddick, maywet or, pacquaio, obviously, fantastic for the support you pulling for anybody? >> not exactly. i want to a great fight. i think what they have done is unbelievable. you could never thought to put boxes on top of the world. i'm happy for both of them. $200 million dollar purse you have record-breaking purses but you're leak thinking -- you're looking good, man soft in the belly buoyage get you to the gym maybe a million. >> i'm telling you that, you
11:48 am
know, that is each generation supposed to get better. what mayweter and pacquiao have done -- >> averages between managers getting in promotion games. congressmen at a timing game are you doing more of that stuff? >> i'm for promoting, and i want to help the amateur event. amateur program because if you want good fighters you have to have a form, you have to have amateur so amateur boxing is what we got to get back. we've got to win some medals. >> because all of these young kids playing they're not boxing that much anymore. i want to ask you we talked about a charity auction that is going on happening right now on, it is charity vision but look at what someone gets they're going to have a first class delta dinner with you they get to watch the fight with you, and a year supply of quest bars. 25 grand is what i understand is on bidding if this doesn't go to
11:49 am
six figures, i'll be shocked. >> well you're right. it is sure because they get the real deal. they get to hear what i have to say. >> was your favorite my favorite fight was at the end of the fight and announcer said, it was we weren't sure who won and he said, the warrior has returned. you remember that one? was that -- that was my favorite event of evander holyfield. >> when that is one thing when you're leading into the judge's handle. you don't know. you don't know. >> champ always a fan thank you very much. doing great things for lots of people. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> bill nye the science guy bragging on flying on air force one on earth day. talk about a pretty big carbon footprint not the only green hypocrite out there by the way. in fact we have a list so long for you buckle up.
11:50 am
get popcorn welcome it is right after this.
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>> happy earth day, you have no clue just how fortunate we are to be able to say these glorious words today. you know why? because back in 1970 on april 22nd first designated with this there were dier predictions unusable land zero crude oil. citizens wearing gas mask to worldwide famine. mask starvation, extinction these kind of predictions have been around a and by so many others, eras never come close to even being true. soil came from hon normal people but many times prognosticators focus on extinction of religion and capitalism. yes we love the earth and we want to keep it livable. for me best sports is folks with money to make things better. but some of earth day's biggest
11:55 am
advocates are hip had credits. take bill nye the science guy a 47 double jet to earth day event, and he has not the only green hypocrite out there. media research is here. dan i love earth day but they're tweeting all of this stuff. scolding rest of us for not doing something to save the planet. give us some names. >> yeah, they become basically the modern version i guess the social media, twitter version of the crazy guy who used to stand on soap box hold the sign the end is nye. the end is nye n-y-e. and because bill and i not even acknowledging his hypocrisy. the science guy who got the name by being a stand-up comic and then teaching science to a bunch of future journalists gets tossed out there all of the time that somebody was supposed to model ourselves after. but he just is as bad as
11:56 am
leonardo dicaprio, travolta you know, john james cameron director of avatar, they all a livered the lavish lifestyles and then expect us to, you know go back to eating straw and living the hut 378. >> i saw an aerial photo of al gore's house on twitter and they have to take it from 10 feet away to get the whole thing in frame you know what i mean? >> cameron has a fleet, a fleet of submarine who is has that? he's making the ecomovies, dicaprio spoken in front of the u.n. enu.n. put him out there to give him a special u.n. piece message of piece climate change award and then tries to go to the world cup and in australia with jonah hill so then they fly to las vegas to go to new year's eve parties. and then not doing that, he's
11:57 am
out renting a 470 foot yacht from an executive. >> negative thing msnbc will scolding us about paying taxings. thank you buddy i appreciate it. up next colonel allen west on whether hillary clinton is the teflon candidate will any of it stick? plus jonathon morris on what we should be celebrating on this earth day because it is also a in god we trust today. and the great bourbon caper rare bourbon stole in just ten minutes.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. charles: the fresh hour of "varney & co.," and here are your headlines. hillary clinton sending a memo to her chain saying to ignore the charges made in the book clinton cash, discredit the author and distoll the virtues
12:00 pm
of the clinton foundation. congress says he deliberately took the funding away. remember the flash crash five years ago. the dow dropped a thousand of point on the blink of an eye. ou guest isn't convinced this is over. cruise ship, a massive storm our question for dr. ablow, why would anyone go on one of these things. a rare bourbon so rare a bunch of employees are accused of stealing it. here it comes. hour two. guys let's check on the big board, strong existing home sales, helping the market. dow up 41 points. take a look at chipotle disappointing sales growth. any other store would be phenomenal for them the stock is getting hammered. mcdonald's profits hit by a
12:01 pm
strong dollar slow traffic, you name it. wall street loves it. it met results expectations. management says they're going to turn things around. not moving today oil flat for the moment, but gas up overnight, announced $2.47 for gallon of regular. cheapest gas, $1.89 in jarrett virginia. clinton cash she says discredit the author and talk up the great work of the clinton foundation and what it does. >> families are strong, america is strong. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> what difference at this point does it make? charles: come on in lieutenant colonel alan west, national center for policy and analyst and ceo. colonel, a couple of days after the book came out the excerpts
12:02 pm
came out and everyone says this is a bombshell, she's crushing republicans in every poll. will anything stick to hillary. >> good to be with you, charles. i think the most important thing, the potential nominees need to do is maintain a moral high ground that says they're not part of the arrogance of officialdom the most important thing is we need to talk about the policies that will generate the opportunity society, talk about what they are for and not get drawn into the muck and the mire of going into a back and forth with hillary clinton. the most important thing is to understand that the american people are suffering. start talking about foreign policy and national security solutions, talk about the means by which we can get small business entrepreneurship and ownership to grow and get the trillions of dollars of capital to come back to the united states to spur economic growth. another thing we need to talk about is the key to a great opportunity is a good quality education. we don't need to get into the
12:03 pm
the tabloid politics that we see happening right now. we need to have nominees focused on how do we make america great again? charles: i don't have an argument with the things you said now. during cicero's team people were ruled out by the great emperor. people feel this is ordain for her, it's her, she somehow has earned this thing, and if youtor judge your leaders on the moral high ground, someone's got to push us there out there, because it won't be the media. >> well the most important thing is that you should run against the standard, not so much against a person right now. and if you recall back in the 1980s, you may remember the show dynasty, americans are not into the dynasty. they appreciated the show with john forsythe being on television. they don't want it played out in 1600 pennsylvania. i believe the american people look at individuals that they
12:04 pm
appear quite disingenuous. when you look at washington, d.c., it has almost become a city of no consequence. the things that people are able to do and get away with here in washington, d.c. the average everyday american cannot get away with, they will reject. that but they have to see something that is completely opposite, completely different and that's where anyone that is out there running you know, on the republican side they need to be able to show that. >> good to be with you, sir? >> thank you. >> this story has so many angles to it. when the 3:00 in the morning phone call comes to the president, does the american taxpayer want a president who's taken so much money from foreign donors or anti-democratic countries, and that person could be on the hook due to the donations. and the republican national committee said that and the other thing too is when is the federal election commission going investigate the clinton foundation, so many have ended up in the clinton campaigns as well. >> one of the things you look
12:05 pm
at the clinton global initiative and hillary clinton herself started to look like a nascar race driver when have you all the patches all over you, and the patches are different countries. that's not the person that you want answering that phone call. you want someone focused on the american interests, not their own self-interests and definitely not special interests especially being foreign interests. that's an important aspect we have to look at. charles: colonel i want to ask you about getting crowded on the gop side. it can include a lot of people, perhaps even yourself. the great fear is that they're going to beat each other up to the point whoever comes out on the other end of this is pulp and won't be able to put out a good legitimate fight against hillary. are you afraid of self-defeat within the party? >> in the military, we call that the circular firing squad. i will say run against a
12:06 pm
standard. show you that have a vision for america, and it's not about tearing down another person. look when we get to 2017 the most important title for the president of the united states of america is commander in chief, and that's the position we're going to be in when you look at the failure of the global security situation right now. we have a president who sent nine surface warships aircraft carrier battle group and submarines and we don't know what the and intent is. we don't need another embarrassing red line moment. charles: colonel allen west, i gave you the window to say something to the public. you can hold onto it for another time. a new report says the irs diverted away from customer service. what? remember when the irs chief said this? roll the tape. >> it's a simple matter of not having enough people, answer the phones and provide services at our walk-in sites.
12:07 pm
fewer than 40% of the calls were able to reach a live assister that was after a 30 minute wait or longer. charles: give me a break. what do you make of it? >> new report says no not so fast irs. it was never cut by congress this year. you yourself cut that budget by 74%. that's why only 40% of taxpayer calls are getting through. that's why the wait time doubled versus last year, and watch what the irs diverted the taxpayer system away to worker bonuses including texts to irs officials delinquent on their own taxes and union activity and implementation of obamacare. charles: and now they're being tasked with this greater role within obamacare. they're going to go out and make a lot of determinations and essentially we're making one of the largest police forces out there. de facto police forces. what are we going to do? when they keep getting the budgets and reward themselves
12:08 pm
for mediocrity and failure it's crazy. >> listen, 15% of the taxpayer system budget, watch this. a full 24 million. 15% of that budget went to full-time union activities. government worker union activities and you know, the irs can say the budget is cut overall it has been cut overall. congress did not cut the budget, the irs on its own cut that budget, and as we pointed out bonuses, 16 million in bonuses for irs as well. charles: may have to change the voice mail. we can't take your call counting bonus checks or getting union members. the justice department wants to extradite sarao because of the flash crash. the martha plunged 1,000 points before rebounding fast. bell set at almost 8 million dollars and the guy paid it
12:09 pm
right away. shah gilani is here. there's no way one guy was responsible for all of this responsible for all of this. >> the reinvest firm put in an order reaching across the pond, to say this gentleman, not singularly but really was the cause of it. system is the problem. not an individual there are plenty of other individuals trading like this man has traded. new rules in place, and spoofing is illegal in the things he's done. charles: what is that? >> putting down an order to create a market atmosphere that in this particular case looks like you're pushing the market down. >> selling. >> sellers lining up to sell, i'm going to get out of the way. everybody got out of the way the market crashed. charles: selling begets selling. was he actually manipulating the machines particularly high-frequency trading. the algorithms see something happening, the machines try to
12:10 pm
get in front of the trade, he manipulated the manipulators. >> he was doing what all the manipulators do that. is the game. the scary thing is here's a gentleman over in london doing this with essentially store bought technology. imagine all the other people doing it. money they put onto this what happens if we have a foreign entity. countries terrorists wants to do this. >> watch this. the fbi, this is what i want to get to. the fbi says that the u.s. market officials and european market officials knew about his activity in and around the flash crash and doing it since september 2008 so he's been doing it about 7 years. he said when they warned me about it told me to knock it off, i told them to kiss my blank. the fact remains, how did his home cooked software react to create the flash crash. he contributed to the down
12:11 pm
trend. charles: up to the authorities to make sure we don't have a system that is this vulnerable. >> should be able to see it they do see it. that they don't act on it is a real problem. >> are you pro or con high-frequency trading? . >> i don't see economic or market value in it. there's a place for it in a narrow range, and they should be put in a borks not made illegal. charles: i don't think it's illegal but out of control. >> he was doing that up until the day of his arrest where. are the flash crashes since then? chars:al abo hting the t absolutely nuts, when you get out the window and see that? we have dr. ablow. he's got the answers. nine men arrests for stealing some of the most expensive boushon. i wish we could say we had some on set. we have the full sorry. oh! we have some on set. buckle up guys. in god we trust, day two,
12:12 pm
father jonathan morris after the break. the largest enterprises in the world, are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize more intrusions than anyone. in the world. if hp security solutions can help keep the world's largest organizations safe they can keep yours safe, too. make it matter.
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12:15 pm
. charles: back to a more of today's top story. lauren has the headlines, in case you missed it. >> reporter: it's verizon versus the networks, charles. nbc universal and fox joining espn in saying verizon's latest move to give customers cheaper packages of only the channels they want violates the contracts they've signed. verizon launched the channel bundles over the weekend. verizon shares right now are up three quarters of 1%. selling vacations too, amazon is letting folks in los angeles, seattle and new york find hotel deals for nearby locations. the service is called amazon destinations don't expect big savings here the service is all about convenience. amazon shares up a buck 30. shares breathing a sigh of
12:16 pm
relief after the carnival spirit docked in australia today after being hit for hours by 30-foot waves and strong winds. 2500 passengers went through the experience at sea. carnival shares grounded at the moment. didn't move much on this crazy story. charles: people are used to it. they might start promoting that, that is the high seas. you want fun? come on over to carnival. >> a roller coaster in the middle of the ocean. charles: why not? police in paris arresting a 24-year-old algerian man in connection to a plot to bomb churches. we reported isis uncovered christian grave sites in mosul. christians are in attack around the middle east and africa why do you think the white house won't acknowledge it? >> i was happily surprised when these ethiopian christians were killed this last weekend that a spokesman for the national
12:17 pm
security council actually said that these people were killed only because of their faith. now they didn't say because christian faith and it wasn't the white house. that's a step closer. and i think they're waking up to the fact that if we don't start saying what is actually happening we are beginning to look even more out of tune with reality than what people who already are in the know know. charles: you can argue to a degree, it's not encouraging, but certainly enabling. this is genocidal stuff. here's the thing i looked at and find fascinating. by 2050 out of 100% of the christians in the world, 38% will be in subsaharan africa. i think the muslim extremists are trying to capture that. if you don't switch right now, you're allegiance and belief into islam we will cut off your head.
12:18 pm
ethiopians said we're not going to change and were killed for. >> what we know clearly and the state department knows this clearly the white house knows it clearly is al-shabaab boko haram right now, al qaeda isis they're all connected. they have one common goal. that is complete and total dominance of the religious scene. it's a religious issue. for them, it's an ideology based on their radical islamic view and we have to recognize it if we're going to -- charles: couple days ago, i mentioned we sent troops to stop the spread of ebola and i was attacked on twitter for comparing the two. these are two scurges wiping out mankind why it would be so bad to address this with some of our u.s. might. >> i don't think it's a bad example. always examples and analogies are impersonalable. that's why they're analogies and examples.
12:19 pm
how much effort and verbiage and energy did the white house put out when the german airliner went down? a whole lot. the president was immediately in contact with german counterparts. there was almost exact same number in kenya of university students who -- this had nothing to do with accident, this had nothing to do with one guy in his sick mind. this had to do with ideology that continues. where is the coordination there. charles: today is in god we trust day, it was added to u.s. coins. something we take for granted in this day and age, it was done during the civil war period because of the extreme high belief in god. here we were in the bloodiest war in the history of america. here we were when life expectancies weren't that long. the day-to-day life was completely outknown and embraced god. do you think as people we take a lot of things for granted including belief in god? >> the belief in god --
12:20 pm
charles: it's not just god, obviously we take a lot of things for granted. >> belief in god has not changed that much since civil war. affiliation with different denomination, churches have. it's upwards of 89%. >> i never heard that stat before. i feel like in the last decade the atheists have won a lot of battles and young people are disenchanted. >> they have won a lot of battles in court, and going after for example, in god we trust on the dollar. they're going after they want to wipe out name of voice and god from the public square. why? once it's out of sight, it's also out of mind. that affects society. and that's what they would like to do. charles: so far i'd like to see it get back in schools. the pledge of allegiance and all that stuff. i don't know that we can go back. >> we should have fair educational system where money is not going to secular schools
12:21 pm
but schools where children whose parents are paying tax dollars choose to send them. >> i'd just like to keep an open mind and have common sense about it. as mr. smally said how can you know what you can't see, you can't see atomic particles, you know what i mean? or what is happening. >> some of the activist atheists and people who don't have the gift of faith as i see it. activist atheists are trying to make their own religion, but saying every other religion that is not their own, this crazy belief that they know for sure that god does not exist, it's the only valid one. >> i agree with you 100%. >> sorry for getting fired up. >> you are fired up. charles: speaking of fired up. google is preparing to launch their own cell phone service and get, this you only pay for the data that you use, a novel idea. watch out verizon and at&t. we'll have a lot more next.
12:22 pm
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. charles: higher profits at boeing, but check out the stock. it's down because cost high to the 787, the dreamliner they continue to climb the biggest loser in the dow, but i'm holding the stock. profits and sales better at coca-cola, a nice little pop at over 1%. shares of google, a lot of news out. that's helping the stock. they're going to launch their own cell phone service. taking on the big guys. you only have to pay for the data that you use. "risk & reward" host deirdre bolton is here. this is bad news for the established folks like at&t. how bad is the news, when they heard this this morning? >> you can hear the footprints as far as google. when you talk to the cable operating boxes which company are you afraid of they all say google. you can throw in the telecom giants, verizon at&t. this is a threat to business. they're not starting with huge numbers here but the point is they're here.
12:27 pm
so i should be clear, the official plan has not yet been unveiled. we're waiting for details but essentially it seems like you're going to pay for what you use and it seems like we all waste around plus or minus 30 bucks a month. >> that's the key you pay for what you use. do you know what kind of phones are involved here? >> that's the trick for everyone right now in the apple world this does not apply to you, that's going to leave a lot of people on the sidelines. it's google, nexus 6 phone. i don't know anybody with a google nexus 6 phone. it's starting small, this is a little balloon, a test bubble if you like. but google is here. there are smaller carriers republic scratch they don't have really the power or the speed of the bigger carriers that we're all used to dealing with. charles: you know, the silicon valley people better than anybody. their ambitions are unlimited. it's like "game of thrones,"
12:28 pm
and it's one of them is going to be amazon, google apple but one will rule everything one day. >> peter thiel one of the best silicon valley investors said google is a monopoly. i'm sure google would love to have that taken back especially since they are facing these kind of pressures in europe as we speak, but you're right charles, the companies are big growing, for google this is a no-brainer what other business can we disrupt? >> google apps droid apps are known for being hacked. there are security issues. >> most people are addicted to apple products. if you're an apple fan girl or guy, google has to compete for your consumer eyes. >> i know you want to see more deirdre, and youn, "ri & reard"ominup ithe nex ur1: p. etertime. ep iig her. thnks l. it's a video everybody is talking about right? that wild ride for passengers
12:29 pm
on the cruise ship in australia. here's the thing, if you look out your window and see that am i nuts? crazy? dr. ablow is next, he'll let you know. >> on the main deck a lot of the chairs have been pushed all over the place. it's crazy.
12:30 pm
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. charles: breaking news out of d.c. fox news confirms pentagon spokesperson admiral john kirby will replace jen psaki as state department spokesperson, marie harf didn't get the job. check out the big board stocks, meandering the dow up 39 points in that range all day long. oil continues to flat. no effects from middle east tensions that continue to ratchet higher. gas was up overnight to $2.47 a gallon. the price of regular is up the past eight days. yesterday we told you about migrant boat that capsized in the mediterranean, 27 people were rescued out of some 900 passengers. prosecutors have arrested the captain and a crew member.
12:34 pm
joining us is one of our favorite europeans veronique. they know if they can get there, they are home free. we talked about the military things that may be forcing them out of countries. these are interesting enticement drawing them as well. >> i think you are right for the immigrants who leave their countries for economic reason and though the fact that many of them go to germany and sweden, where the economic conditions are better than italy or even france it tells me that actually they're willing to work and they would rather work. but i don't think it's quite true for the countries where people are escaping because of war. it is true that europe is
12:35 pm
especially wealthy countries is a pretty appealing place. charles: sure. >> but i don't think it's the only thing that is driving this migration. charles: well, there's no doubt, there are two central routes through the mediterranean. two routes, central route from libya to italy probably the smallest gap up 270%. last year from the year before. steams your point, this has got to be related to the fallout from getting rid of gadhafi, to arab spring has this completely backfired on the west? >> yes, i think it's clear that also the west, and europe in particular they haven't been preparing for this. they ignored the problem actually. it's worse than this. as such they haven't been preparing. you have the demand for asylum in europe has increased by 44% last year, and in particular, germany and sweden has seen
12:36 pm
half of the asylum demand come their way and i think that it's really bad new and i don't know how they're going to cope, to be honest, because these countries -- this is highlighting and is going to be making worse all the problem that these countries have whether they're weak economic growth, you know budget, there are like in the red, and -- and very little ideas about how to fix things. charles: but there's no doubt this is in motion it's growing huge, and i think it's kind of interesting because we'll be talking later on how some of the people who successfully make it over go to the countries and have a much better life and resent the new host countries as well. i always scratch my head about that. >> the thing that is going to be interesting and is going to be -- there will be a lot of resentment is one of the things the european union i bet you is going to do like right now,
12:37 pm
the asylum demand is concentrated on four countries and they're going to be demanding that all the countries participate. so right there you are going to impose on countries to do something they don't want to do and this is happening in a context slow economic growth and budget problems where there is already a lot of resentment for immigrants and a very strong anti-muslim sentiment. and it's just not going to be good. charles: it's not, i tell you. let's leave it there. that says it all. thank you very much we'll see you soon. why does anyone cruise anymore? if there isn't the norovirus outbreak, there is the crazy weather. this ship off of australia, this is nuts. 30-foot waves, wild winds and kept the ship from dock more than a day. dr. keith ablow is here to tell us whether we are absolutely
12:38 pm
nuts for going on the cruises. we hear about the food outbreaks the people are sick, they dock them. the stories are endless the stocks keep going up because people keep going on them, why? >> charles i think people keep going on them they are mentally rung the numbers. this many ships out, there countless to most people's minds and occasionally there's a problem. same thing with flying, you know, with jets that crash sadly people run those numbers, it's not likely to be my plane. i think they're still willing to do this because they're saying the probabilities are very low, otherwise no one would eat at a salad bar, it's always the salad bar that carries the bad illness right? charles: you got a great point there having said that to price plays a role here. the thing that carnival cruise line did was democratize it before the oceanliner was only for rich people like and you stuart. everyone can hop on and have
12:39 pm
fun on the high seas for a long time. money something being cheap, mitigates risk? >> i think that's true, otherwise the cruise lines would be doing commercials about safety, if they really believed that having safer, more expensive ships and more expensive journeys on the ships were the way to get people aboard. obviously they believe that people will tolerate a level of risk to keep the price low, because i believe they could make them even safer with more stringent food controls and better quality control. absolutely, but it doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that makes for the best business. charles: tonight shift gears, today is earth day, and here's the thing i say that this whole green thing people do particularly on days like earth day. it's a way for them to feel good and a lot of times a way for you to feel bad. what are your thoughts.
12:40 pm
>> i'll agree with you on this one. if you do something good for the earth i don't know, raise great kids. i don't think that most people are going out and doing irreparable harm to the earth. you know should you not be dumping toxins in a river? no. but most of us aren't factory owners and don't have big-gallon drums of toxic chemicals. unless you are one of those people. be nice i'm saving a planet. aren't you powerful? isn't that something? how but be nice to your neighbor and spend time with your sister and don't need a little bit to the cause of the girl scouts next door. find girl scout cookies. charles: it's girl scout leader day today. interesting you mentioned that. a man in colorado he got a citation for the police for doing this.
12:41 pm
check out that computer. >> i don't know if you can see it. >> here's the thing you know i have a lot to say about technology as it interfaces with human beings. the truth is that when you give yourself to technology you're saying, look take me somewhere i'm just going to operate the buttons and i expect windows or apple to open whole worlds to me. it's essentially an infantalized position when it doesn't happen people say, wait, you guaranteed me all this information and this incredible journey, why can't it happen? and they get infant i'll. they get primitive aggression, they've been disempowered and can feel it when the thing doesn't work. charles: if that person thought he was disempowered then, wait until he gets to the slammer. dr. ablow, thank you very much appreciate it. >> all right, charles. charles: the great bourbon caper, tens of thousands of dollars of the priciest whiskey
12:42 pm
stolen and it was an inside job. we have the details after this.
12:43 pm
. >> reporter: i'm nicole petallides with the fox
12:44 pm
business brief. the dow is up 60, down 60 back to the upside, up 47 points. gain of a quarter of 1%. 17,996. the s&p 500 up 6 points and the tech-heavy nasdaq up again, up 8 at 5,022. we're watching dow component visa surging, china would open up market for clearing transactions to foreign companies by june and giving visa and mastercard a boost. both names up more than 4%. dow component boeing under pressure, down 2.5% at $149.60. they have a backlog of orders but costs have been on the rise. names to watch reporting after the bell. at&t, ebay facebook, qualcomm and sl green. much more "varney & co." coming up. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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12:46 pm
. charles: while war ships gather off yemen's close congress is taking a look at the white house talks with iran. peter barnes joins us with washington. some are saying no deal will make the republicans happy. will it? >> well, charles, there is little bipartisan love for the deal at this hearing today. republicans and democrats are questioning how the sanctions would be lifted. how to verify if iran is complying, and what to do. >> the notion there will be the political will to snap back any
12:47 pm
sanctions is illusory that there would be advocate vision in the deal. disney's fantasy land. >> the bad deal perhaps a very bad deal and intractable situation. >> the committee is hearing testimony from a former iraq weapons investigator a former nuclear weapons consultant to u.n. inspectors and a former bush administration arms control official charles and all three strongly criticize the framework deal with iran and says the administration has a lot more work to do to get a final deal by june 30th to make sure iran will not get a nuclear bomb. charles? . charles: immortal words of gold finger no pleasing you. i did a bad job on that one. nine employees are under arrest for stealing more than $26,000 of one of the world's most expensive bourbons.
12:48 pm
liz mcdonald has the details. why do they give you the bourbon story. >> the story of the missing bourbon. where did all the bourbon go? these are ultrarare pappy van winkle i love saying that, tens of thousands of dollars worth. the ocean's 11 of bourbon heists. it was an inside job, nine people indicted. two of them worked at two different distilleries and they were systematically lightening the shelves of the bottles of bourbon. you are holding one right there. charles: this is beautiful. they're hand numbered so you can see, i love to do it with a cigar, you can't beat that. this is the first pappy van winkle. >> decades old bottles they busted through whistle-blower and selling illegal steroids. [ laughter ] >> that's a nice combination. whiskey and steroids, they a
12:49 pm
hell of a saturday night. >> bourbon and steroids and softball. charles: i got to hook up with the guys when they are on parole. up next, jamie colby the host of the hit fox show "strange inheritance" and meets a family who has one of the largest collections of creepy crawlers. check this out. >> you're sitting on how much in terms of value of this collection of insects? >> there are some insects that have never been seen since. there are some insects that are thought to be extinct but not confirmed but the collection was assessed between 5 or 6 million dollars.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
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for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . charles: sotheby's sells a flawless 100 careat diamond at auction. i did not bid, i need two for cuff links. look at its shine. serious bling, emerald cut the largest of clarity and cut ever
12:54 pm
to be shown at auction. and we've got great episodes of "strange inheritance" tonight. guess who's here jamie colby right next us to. the first thing you are going to talk about is bugs? someone inherited bugs. >> i came down to see you because i thought you had the diamond on set. these episodes are a diamond. they are flawless. bugs are incredible. can you imagine having a whole business of selling insects? 100000 specimens collected over two generations and the grandchildren are left with the insects, what do they do? most are extinct, they have a smart business plan come up with a bug museum so people can come from all over and buy land and water rights in order to have a captive audience of campgoers. it all works out. charles: the reason it wouldn't work for me two things i hate bugs i have to call raid. >> not if they are worth 5 million dollars, you wouldn't hate them. >> the collection is worth 5
12:55 pm
million bucks? >> yeah. >> wow. >> the way they were in pristine condition. i do bug pinning which is an art. you can get a bug catcher and learn how to do that. this is an incredible family of craftsmen who learned how to display these. in fact walt disney came years ago to try to buy the collection for disney world and disneyland they wouldn't sell it because they wanted them to remove the family name. >> why would they collect bugs. >> adults and kids are fascinated too. charles: i'm more fascinated with this. a little more with the gators. >> bugs not so pretty. alligators and crocodiles yes, we had them hatch in our hands, there i am down in florida. you have to protect your hands you don't know the little guys to get any disease or anything and they literally hatch and go from the hatchery to the water park there that they have. they have 2500 alligators and
12:56 pm
crocodiles they inherited. and guess what? when it was put into business it's not only a roadside attraction they came off the endangered species list they raise them for gator jerky and meat. >> i can't answer the question on the ground, people would be upset. they do poach the skin but legally. they are helping the gator population, they are involved with environmentalists, you will love this family. charles: you can buy baby gators in the store, and people raise them. >> my brother had one, he snuck it back from florida. we came back to new york the problem was he became so big he lived in the bathtub and had to go to the farm. you know how that is. charles: mine was in a bucket. and the wildlife people came and got it. "strange inheritance." >> 9:00 p.m. tonight.
12:57 pm
charles: emac watch it you will get excited. >> i will get excited, so long as you are nice to the bugs. charles: and the alligators. keep your hands out of the way. all right, more varney after this.
12:58 pm
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irian czar advancing this part of the negotiations to assert some authority across the world and i think that is something the administration needs to be cognizant of. charles: strong words on the iranian nuclear negotiations. here is what you had to say. the thing climate ranges a big threat to the country? joseph says no. insurmountable debt is because climate will do what is going to do we won't have the money or resources to adapt to. doug says this about a 60 mack isis conspirator five years of intense orientation to reverse the effects of brainwashing by isis could save him but it needs to be watched.
1:00 pm
you know what else must be watched? dierdre bolton. dierdre: the nicest handover ever. violence continues we will tell you what the finding means for the region and for their investments. >> espn, and multiple fronts regarding the pricing plan. and investors betting and the approval of the time-warner cable, and they should have a backup plan. representatives from the companies are in washington meeting with the department of justice to discuss possible concessions to ease regulation concerns about the proposed merger and this is with time warner cable. six senators sent a letter to the dlj urging them to reject


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